Our Approach

Transparent, Relevant, Proactive, Accessible

A little backstory ...

7 years ago i looked at the accounting industry and realised i was tired of the same old approach to everything.

After a decade of working in both medium and small firms It’s had been my experience most clients want to seek regular advice from their accountant but are discouraged by cost.

I had to believe that there was a better way to approach both personal & business finances in a proactive & relevant way, with better communications and still remain cost effective.

The Problem

How many times have you had an issue like this?

You have a tax problem, or a debtor collection issue, maybe even a payroll question, or an idea on a business venture and you go to pick up the phone and call the accountant… but you hesitate as you know that very call could well cost you $300 or more.

So you don’t make that call…

Now you miss out on the opportunity!, or worse a small tax problem becomes a major headache at year-end.

I have seen a lot of small businesses struggle and some fold because of this broken system.

The unfortunate aspect of all this was that all they really needed was a little direction or advice.

I want to change THAT system.

The Approach

It’s time to make things better
  • 1. Change The Dynamic

    Firstly, I wanted to change how accountants and clients interact.

    I don’t want you to be nervous about calling, I want to know about problems as they come up.

    Yes I do lose a little on this method, but then I save as you save because the issues are dealt with before they become a problem.

    Mostly, I don’t even know you that well yet… however I want you apart of this… this revolution is for the good of all us.

  • 2. Relationships are important

    Secondly, relationships are important, I want to know about you, your business, where you want to be in 2 years, 10 years, etc.

    I endeavour you to make a change in your thinking.

    Choose an accountant that wants to be apart of your business, maybe we won’t be a match, but just maybe we will be!

  • 3. Transparency is key

    Thirdly, transparency.

    I’m running a business too, my business is your business.

    In other words I don’t exist if you aren’t successful, so it’s in my best interest to make sure you are given the best advice at the right time.

  • 4. Personal Service

    Lastly – you only deal with me, I only envision that I will have support staff to handle emails, general office duties etc but when it comes to your business, your investments, your tax returns – you only deal with me.

    I don’t want to be a big 4 partners firm focusing on big business from my plush inner Brisbane apartment.

    I want to deal with the Small Family Business, the tradies, the individuals who work as contractors on weekends.